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PRAM by Boiz With Diaries-Cover Art-Digital Release

What is "PRAM"?

PRAM  is the first installment in a three-part concept series of themed audio/visual suites collectively entitled THRAM  by multidisciplinary artist Atton Paul recording as Boiz With Diaries (BWD) to include experimental audio explorations, gifs, and video-art all centered around micro-stories and artworks.

Release Notes☟

-Debut by Boiz With Diaries

-PRAM is released digitally 30 November 2018 on imprint Dictaphone Diaries

-Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Houston Oct-Nov by BWD

-Artwork / Gifs / Video by Atton Paul


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"PRAM" Micro-Story☟

Adam Pram was a strange kid. A loner. In the fall of 1982 and at the age of fifteen Adam ran away from his broken home in a small rural town in Alabama. He was not seen nor heard from again for nearly a full year. It was thought that he possibly hitchhiked across the country to “find himself”, his single parent mother told authorities during the initial missing-person investigation. Rumors quickly spread around the small town that Adam had been doing drugs and that he took off to join some kind of cult while others say he retreated deep into the nearby woods to practice witchcraft and that he put a curse on the local playgrounds causing children to bully and fight amongst themselves - all unproven superstitions by folk with big imaginations.

Adam remained a missing person until late one summer afternoon when a farmer in a nearby county discovered a “filthy boy” sleeping inside his barn behind the chicken coop. Startled and silent, Adam was corned by the man and his farmhand until the local sherif arrived. Adam appeared dirty wearing only jeans with muddied sneakers, no shirt, and a tattered backpack that the farmer found Adam using as a pillow. Adam never said a word to anyone that questioned him for his name, where he came from, or where he was going…and instead were given just an empty bug-eyed stare, distant and cold.

Adam was soon placed into a mental institution where he would remain for nearly six months until a foster family was secured but even a dedicated husband and wife team, both social workers, had little luck at breaking through to Adam and after just one week in foster care Adam had vanished once more.

On the night of Adam’s final disappearance the old man back at the farm where Adam was first discovered was awoken around 3:am to the sound of his chickens going nuts only to run outside and find his barn completely engulfed in flames and rapidly burning to the ground. During the time of the incident a cause for the blaze could not be determined by officials who investigated the scene.

Adam Pram was never seen again and legend has it that he returned to the woods to continue on as a witch and conjurer of dark evil forces. Residents of the town where Adam grew up fear stepping foot into the nearby wooded areas and some have even reported that their pets were missing after spotted wandering into the woods and never returning home.

It is unknown as to what caused or ultimately triggered Adam’s demise that took him on a journey into darkness. His mother could never really offer any definitive clues as to what might have happened to Adam…that, or she never admitted anything. It also was believed that a journal and some loose half-burnt parchment seals found at an abandoned site deep in the woods by the initial search team was possibly belonging to Adam but authorities have never divulged the contents of the journal to the public and Adam’s whereabouts remains a mystery to this present day.

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Boiz Wit Diarie - "PRAM" 12-Gif Bonus Pack with download via Bandcamp, 2018, Atton Paul

Exclusive "PRAM" Bonus Material

Get a free 12-GIF Bonus Pack INSTANTLY with downloads of "PRAM".

-3 styles, 4 color-variations each, no-watermarks, under 2 MB each.

-These animated gifs are exclusive to Bandcamp downloads.

-A gift of gifs for you to enjoy in any way you'd like.

Boiz With Diaries, "PRAM" Original Painting, Bandcamp, 2018, Atton Paul

Official "PRAM" Merchandise

Get to own this charmingly peculiar original painting used in the cover art and animated video for this release. 

-Acrylic and watercolor on heavy Moleskine Journal archival weight.

-Size is 5.5x3.5" (14x9cm)

-Signed & Dated on backside by artist Atton Paul

-Ships with note of authenticity

-Completed September 2018

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PRAM cover image by Atton Paul


High-Resolution Version


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Poster for "PRAM" by Boiz With Diaries, 2018


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Boiz With Diaries logo, 2018


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Boiz With Diaries inside a Texas Haunted Hotel


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